Our Story

The seed of TEN4GOOD was planted in 2011 after Jennifer attended a conference about dreaming big. She dreamed of creating a crowdfunding organization that could leverage the multiplying effects of a community of givers who were passionate about caring for people in need all around the world. The following year Jennifer traveled to Africa on a mission trip, married Jason, and the roots of TEN4GOOD began to grow. The next decade included a journey through adoption, growing partnerships with global charitable organizations, two for-profit businesses, and two more babies. As our family grew, so did the dream of TEN4GOOD. In early 2023 the vision of TEN4GOOD grew to encompass so much of our thoughts and conversations that our family of five was compelled to launch TEN4GOOD into the world on October 4th (10/4!) and we can’t wait to see how it grows!

Our Board

Jennifer Pederson

Co-founder, Board Chair

Jennifer co-founded TEN4GOOD in 2023 along with her husband, Jason, who operates as its CEO. They live in Colorado Springs where they homeschool their 3 children (Jackson, Lucy, and Bennett) and run 2 for-profit residential home design businesses. They are passionate about hospitality, generosity, and creating spaces for Good to grow. TEN4GOOD is the living outworking of their family mission.

Andy Brown

Board Treasurer

Andy is an acute care nurse practitioner who works in palliative care and has been married to his wife Caroline for 13 years. Both Colorado natives, they live near the mountains with three beloved daughters (ages 5, 7, and 8). Andy is excited about TEN4GOOD because of his lifelong passion for justice, the life-giving work of gratitude and generosity, and the way these core values are championed by the heart of this organization.

Cassie Carrigan

Board Secretary

Cassie is wife to extroverted engineer, Geoff, and mother to 3 children here on earth—Adleigh, Ryker and Finlee—and 2 children in heaven—Radiance and Caleb. She is a licensed professional counselor, speaker, and author. Her desire is for God’s Kingdom to come to earth, which is why she is honored and thrilled to be a part of TEN4GOOD as they bring the good news to the world by meeting tangible needs.

Caleb Reeder

Board Member

Caleb and his wife, Sarah are humbled and honored to be a small part of TEN4GOOD. As a firefighter and paramedic, Caleb witnesses the needs others have daily in his profession. Caleb and Sarah love that TEN4GOOD is a tangible way of sharing in the blessings God has given them. They look forward to teaching their two young boys about how, through Jesus, one person can make a difference in the lives of many.

Our Mission

We help Good grow all around the world by crowdfunding a constant stream of charitable projects that provide relief, care, and hope to impoverished, displaced, and despairing communities in need.

Your Part

TEN4GOOD needs you, the giver, to catch the vision and share it with your community. The Good we hope to grow in the world is only possible if we Give and Gather together. Will you join us and become part of something…extraordinary? Let us know when you’ve found your 4 by clicking here.